Month: June 2008

Typhoon Fengshen

Just experienced my first typhoon, whose name I now know to be my namesake in Chinese. The city completely shut down. All those cool city lights were extinguished last night while the wind howled and the rain pounded. It was eerie seeing Hong Kong dark 

Missing Home

I miss K. I miss home. I miss our garden. TigerLily wrote, “We will miss you in Hong Kong. Make sure to meet the King!”

Cheryl’s Worst Nightmare

This is Cheryl’s worst nightmare. Cheryl is a colleague who eats American food.

This was my lunch at a vegetarian restaurant near where I work. It was quite nice, but not nearly as nice as my current favorite vegetarian restaurant, where my broken Mandarin is coming in handy.

Hong Kong

I have arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong after a 14 hour flight from Vancouver. Spent the weekend doing a little shopping, picking up some necessaries that I’ll need during my stay (oil for making popcorn, butter for making popcorn, etc). My boss was