Long Beach

Enjoyed a long weekend on Long Beach peninsula in WA state. Stayed at the Shelburne Inn in Seaview where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the restaurant, and Fish Tale Organic Ale in the pub! Visited Cape Disappointment and North Head Lighthouses. Note to self: North Head Lighthouse keepers homes can be rented to large groups, and they are cool! Supped at Jimella’s in Klipsan Beach. Strolled through (and actually enjoyed) the World Kite Museum in Long Beach. Hiked the Bay Loop, Bearberry, Weather Beach trails at Leadbetter Point. Weather Beach to Dune Forest trails sucked because of the very high population of ravenous mosquitos! The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center near Cape Disappointment lighthouse was ‘vale la pena’. Imagining leading the Corps of Discovery at the age of 29 (Meriwether L) boggles the mind–these were special men. I wonder what they would have done in this life had they lived in our time?

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