Month: September 2009

My First Yelp Review

I had to do this based on a well reviewed Japanese izakaya style restaurant that…sucked. Recent reviews by Frank E. <p><p><br /> </p></p> What’s this?

Holstein, the “grapefruit apple”

The nickname is apt.  Tangy, sweet, amazing.  Unlike any apple I’ve had before.  Must remember the name.  Discovered at Seattle Tilth.

Mom’s Birthday Card

A Busy Weekend

Wash and wax the car on Saturday.  Bake some bread.  Sunday, a 30 mile bike ride on the Green River Trail.  But that’s not all…, it’s still light out so why not mow the lawn?  First time in weeks that the lawn’s been mowed, but 

Gavin’s Birthday Poem, His 7th

There are many ways to fly a kiteBut when flying a kite you must do it rightMost important is wind for your kite to take flightIf everything’s right your kite will fly out of sight! Of course rule number oneIs to avoid lightningWhen you fly 

My XP Laptop

it is my enemy
i want to toss it out the window
and then stomp on it with my feet
and then hit it with a hammer
and then throw it in the trash
and then set fire to it
and then dance on the ashes from the laptop
and then bury the ashes
and then plant flowers on the dirt over the laptop ashes
and then sprinkle cow manure on the flowers