Sugar Snap Peas, First Roses, Seedlings MIA and The Great Slug Wars

More sugar snap peas in the ground, two weeks after planting the first wave.  I have a single shoot coming up.

Every rose bush has a handful of roses in bloom.  Late, maybe it’s the temps in the 40’s.  Brrrrr!

Parsley planted several weeks ago has still not made an appearance.  Chervil…maybe.  Or maybe those are nascent weeds!

A f*cking squirrel at the tops of every one of my sunflowers.  Or maybe it was a pill bug.  I don’t like to use poison in the garden, but I did put a little slug and snail bait.  It’s supposed to be safe in veggie gardens.  Normally I’d have regrets about this sort of thing, but, but, but, …it was my sunflowers!

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