Month: September 2010

Mom’s Birthday Poem

Giver of life Giver of smiles You gave us what’s needed  To face life’s trials Teacher of lessons These lessons of life That help us to manage Life’s occasional strife Forgiver of errors Forgiver of sins And when we screwed up You forgave us again 

Blackberry Preserves

We considered Bumbershoot, mostly because I wanted to see Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, but blackberries are nearly done and I had to make a batch of preserves (I almost spelled it “perverses”, which may have been appropriate) for gift giving and my own 

Seattleites Ice Cream Fetish

Wondering what it is with Seattle-ites and their ice cream fetish? There seems to be be a line in front of every permanent or mobile ice cream shop calling their product “artisan” or “handmade”, with the obligatory flavors of fruits in season and salted something-or-other. Maybe we’re all fattening up for our long, cold, wet winter. Personally, my fattening agent of choice is bacon. (Which doesn’t seem to be working, as I tend to be freezing for eight months of the year. Maybe it’s all that exercise….)

Oh, and Molly Moons is way overrated.


For TP… Our friendship definedBy a series of firstsNot second at allIn fact the obverse The first founding memberOf the L-G-M-H-AAnd among the first FishWhom on dry land flopped and flayed You made your first millionYou were first to be wedYou were first with four