Garden Update

Damn it’s cold.  A warm day here and there gives one hope that maybe we really will have a growing season for our garden.  But today that thought seems like some distant dream, sort of like imagining what a rainy season might be like in Riyadh.

More radishes went into the ground this past weekend.  Never had much luck with radishes, and they should be easy, easy, easy.  Damn.

Peach Passion, Velvet Queen and Autumn Beauty sunflowers were planted.  Hoping they have a fighting chance against the slugs, snails and bugs with and appetite for these things when they first pop out of the ground.  Damn.

Mint’s thriving.  Epazote seems OK despite the weather.  Lettuce is coming up, however slowly.  Rhubarb is monstrous.  Damn.

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