Month: June 2011

Father’s Day Poem

me quiero expresares imposible que dara ustedthe love, the respect that I feel me quiero decirlea ustedlo que sentirseamong menyou are my ideal

Birthday Poem for Gavin Henry, 9 Years Old

we hope you enjoyed the daya week early, but it’s all just the same there was food, and some basketball toothere’s one thing that’s still left to do the cake and the candles are doneand happy birthday was by all of us sung but there’s 

Mother’s Day Poem

Every mother loves her son
I’m glad for me
that you’re the one

Every breath that I enjoy
I’ve you to thank
Because I’m your boy

every time i think of you
my soul is sated
I feel renewed

Every year in early May
I wish you
Happy Mother’s Day.