Month: March 2012

A Brother’s Rivalry

(…or how Ants was or is better than me at almost everything.) The girls thought you handsomewith your guapo good looksyou got the girlsand I was stuck with my books. You’re a charming smart assa joke telling teasewhile I write silly poemsand study Chinese. You 

Birthday Poem for Dee

Happy Birthday dear DeeHappy Birthday to youHow about a toast?Not just one, but a few: First a toast to your health,then a toast to the day,then a toast to your future,good luck come what may. So many toasts,But there’s one thing we missedwe’ll toast our 

Mockuavit, Again

Used the below and then some (except for the vodka):

  • 750ml potato vodka
  • 1t caraway seeds
  • 1/2t fennel seeds
  • 1 t dill seeds
  • 2t coriander seeds
  • 1″ length cinnamon stick
  • 1t cumin seeds
  • 2 juniper berries
  • 1 clove

Toasted all but the clove, caraway seeds and juniper berries in cast iron until fragrant ans smoky.  Now the waiting begins.