Month: August 2014

Mother’s Day Poem, 2013

How can I say,what you mean to me?You are why I am hereyou are my reason to be. To be happy to knowthat you too are fine.To be sad when you’re downyour feelings are mine. I am right at your sidealthough I’m not near.It’s what 



Here’s what I started with:

  • A lovely cabbage from the farmers market (used 1.63kg of this mammoth 2.7kg beast!)
  • My cool, new fermenting crock from In Ferment
  • Salt, 36g
  • Juniper berries and caraway seeds, maybe 1tsp each

Here’s a recipe I found, which I liked because it gave salt measurements as a proportion of the amount of cabbage.  We use a very nice, refined (wimpy) salt and I figured that following a volume measurement would not do.

I departed from the recipe by massaging the salt into the cabbage and then letting it sit in a large bowl for an hour to draw out moisture and reduce to a size that I could fit in my fermenting crock!

I was told that the crock could accommodate a 5 lb cabbage, which I never would have believed until my cabbage had reduced to a point where ultimately it filled only half the crock.

Here’s what it looked like in the fermenting crock.

Two weeks later I had delicious sauerkraut.  Next time, perhaps I’ll slice it thinner and let it ferment a little longer.