Capirotada (Remembering Dad & Grandma P)

Capirotada (Remembering Dad & Grandma P)

My father sent me this recipe from his AOL email account way back in September of 2012. My abuela used sliced white bread and cheddar cheese, I think. And my mama probably did the same; why screw with perfection?

My hermanos might recognize the book cover–the one dad mentions in his email. There’s a new edition of that same book which you can order from Amazon Barnes & Noble. Get it.

Querido Kiko
Te mando una receta para preparar budin de pan. La mayoria de la gente le llaman “capirotada”.

                                                (bread pudding)

10 slices of bread           4 c water           1/2 c sugar                    1 t cinnamom      
1/2 t nutmeg (optional)   1/2 t (optional)  1/2 t cloves (optional)     1/4 t salt
2 tbs butter                     1 c cheese, sliced  1 c raisins                   1/2 c red wine (optional)
1/2 c walnuts (chopped)

Toast bread and break into pieces. Boil water,sugar,spices and salt for 10 minutes. Coat baking pan 
with butter. Place bread, cheese, raisins, butter, and wine on pan.Pour liquid over bread mixture. Bake at 320 degrees for 20 minutes or longer until liquid is absorbed.

This recipe is basically what your mother uses. This is recipe that granny Pena used. Your mom  does not use items (optional). Your mom uses cinnamon sticks (1to 2) when water is boiling instead of ground cinnamon. Remove and discard sticks from water after boiling.
This recipe is in the cook book we gave you (Original Native New Mexican Cooking). ENJOY!!!

Un abrazo muy fuerte,
Tu padre

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