Autumn, Into Winter

The maple in front is bare of leaves.  It’s 36F outside, with the occasional snowfall to remind us of just how cold it is outside.  It’s perfect weather for homemade mac and cheese and a nice holiday ale. Can one go wrong with a recipe 

Sick Hops

My Cascade hop is one sick plant.  Suspecting nitrogen deficiency and spider mites.  Time will tell if I have enough to brew a batch come harvest time.

Hop Harvest

Harvested 2.5 oz of beautiful Cascade hops. Need to schedule a brew date.

Hops, Lovage & Rhubarb

Spring has once again prevailed in the great battle of the seasons. The hops peeked out of the ground last week, and not seeing their own shadow they continue to work their way skyward. ┬áThe lovage is at 6″, and the rhubarb looks like a 

The Skinny Lifestyle

I love to shop in Hong Kong. Clothes are made for skinny people, so everything just…fits. I’m a 32″ waist after a large meal (wearing a belt so that my pants don’t work their way half way down my arse). The tag is from a 

What, no beer?

What would a site called “WORTHOG” (or “WORT-HOG” because WORTHOG was taken) be without some mention of beer? “Wort” is unfermented beer, and fermented beer happens to be my favorite drink. “Hog”…well, I do love pork. Especially when it’s in a nice bowl of ramen,