Palin vs. Spears

Click on the picture. From Hong Kong

The Skinny Lifestyle

I love to shop in Hong Kong. Clothes are made for skinny people, so everything just…fits. I’m a 32″ waist after a large meal (wearing a belt so that my pants don’t work their way half way down my arse). The tag is from a 

Expat Blues

I’m bored with my dietif you ask then I’ve tried itmy kitchen at home is so missed. So what to do now?QING GEI WO JIESHAO (请给我介绍)to a restaurant to add to my list. On the Island sideor a Star Ferry rideI just want to try 

What, no beer?

What would a site called “WORTHOG” (or “WORT-HOG” because WORTHOG was taken) be without some mention of beer? “Wort” is unfermented beer, and fermented beer happens to be my favorite drink. “Hog”…well, I do love pork. Especially when it’s in a nice bowl of ramen, 

Meat Markets

This is near LKF, but it’s not that kind of meat market. It’s like 85F in Hong Kong, and this meat is hanging out in the open waiting for buyers. I’m sure the flies are getting what they can before these pieces of flesh find 


Endless toil. A taxi driver told me he works 13 hours daily, with one day off every two weeks. The guy who cuts my hair said he works 10 hours per day, every day. The waitress in my favorite vegetarian restaurant said that she has 

Fines & Dog “Faeces”

Spitting from a taxi will cost you $1500HKD. Smoking in a taxi gets you a $5000HKD fine. “…fouling of streets by dog faeces” will set you back $500HKD. Still, I managed to step in some dog poo on my way home from work. This on 

(North) Americans with Problems

Enjoying a beer at a very cool bar in the Japanese restaurant housed in the Mongkok Langham Place hotel. Two 30-something Westerners walk in with a local gal and one of them is talking very loudly about how one of the bosses daughters is “very 

Apple, Ball & Ice

I’ve met two gals named “Apple”, a guy named “Ice”, and a girl named “Clifton”. I work with a guy who calls himself “Ram”. Here’s how he explained it, “I need provide english name in first day of high school. I like computer class. Therefore, 

Gweilo Seating

This is Gweilo seating in an inexpensive noodle shop in Causeway Bay. The Blackberry on the table is my constant dinner companion.