Wood Food

The antique benches and not-quite-antique table were treated with Briwax while enjoying the ecstasy and heartbreak that is the 2010 World Cup.  Is there any greater spectacle than the World Cup?  Is there anything worse than polishing furniture?

Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves

For those clueless victims and their ilk who claim that the government doesn’t produce anything worth a darn, I present the following: USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 revision It’s an excellent reference which I used for my second attempt at home canning:  rhubarb 

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Galumpkis)

Best cabbage rolls I have ever made.  All the more special because I made them with my own two hands.  Simple recipe, and they are beautiful–especially if one uses Savoy cabbage.  Here’s what dinner looked like on this pleasant evening:

Phyllis, will she or won’t she?

I feared that Phyllis the Amaryllis was a-goner, but I noticed a teeny, tiny little green nib revealing itself yesterday, and today it had 1/2″ of new growth!  Hoping that she delights us as she has these past couple of years.

Holidays Are Over

The Christmas tree and outdoor lights came down today.  It seems not so long ago that we were decorating the house, filled with anticipation about seeing family, enjoying nice foods and indulging in holiday cheer.  It’s over now, and I’m hoping for another year of 

Storm Windows

Two more new, wooden storm windows hung today.  Filled the gaps on a couple of windows with pile weather strips.  Those windows that we took delivery of when the weather was warm and balmy have taken months to finish.  Six of seven windows completed.  Not 


Wooden storm windows got a fresh coat of paint today and were rehung after resting in the cool basement for a period for a break from the elements during the warm months. The heater kicked in last Thursday, the 30th of September.  We were determined 

A Busy Weekend

Wash and wax the car on Saturday.  Bake some bread.  Sunday, a 30 mile bike ride on the Green River Trail.  But that’s not all…, it’s still light out so why not mow the lawn?  First time in weeks that the lawn’s been mowed, but 

Blackerry Canning

Blackberry season is ending. C- and I picked several pounds of blackberries from the Francis St patch. Canned some and froze some. This is my first attempt at canning, and here what I learned: acid and sugar are needed for gel formation, and sugar preserves. 

Long Beach

Enjoyed a long weekend on Long Beach peninsula in WA state. Stayed at the Shelburne Inn in Seaview where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the restaurant, and Fish Tale Organic Ale in the pub! Visited Cape Disappointment and North Head Lighthouses. Note to self: