Mother’s Day Poem

Mother’s Day Poem

Happy Mother’s Day, momyou should knowhow much we love you sohow much you’re missed each dayhow we treasure words you sayhow we want to see you smileand happy, all the while.

Birthday Poem for Mama

Birthday Poem for Mama

You’ve raised us all, these 50 years and moreWe’ve be coddled, and loved, and never ignoredYou taught us that life should be embraced and adoredAnd prepared us for all that life had in store But your  family still needs your loving rapportYour children, our children, 

A Poem About Good Drink and Old Age

It’s OK to become an old crotchLife is better, each year, by a notchOne reason, we feelWe’ve moved on from cheap swillAnd now we sip drams of good scotch

A Christmas Poem / Prayer

Mom and Dad… You bring us togetherEach Christmas DayWith friends and family all welcomeFrom near and away Pam and Larry bring 2Always here come what mayMy brother brings 5With their jovial ways The Trotters bring 6But late, not todayThe Tabor’s also bring 6When you count 

A Birthday Poem for Tigerlily

A Poem for Tigerlily We don’t know what it is, perhaps superstitionWe cling to these things, they become a tradition. Each year on your birthday, we celebrate rightWith nice food, and nice drink, and a poem that we write. And each year, sometime later, we 

Happy Birthday, Roxanne!

Love, Franke y Colleen

A Birthday Poem for Peggy

Our busy livesthere’s rarely the timeTo rest, and indulgeand do what’s just mineLike call my dear sisterwhen she’s front of mindWhich believe it or notI am often inclinedPlease, my dear sisteraccept these greetings divineHappy Birthday, best wishes,with love, genuine.

Birthday Poem for Peggy – Years Old (the poem, not Peggy)

Sitting here, pondering, over a beer.What will I do?  Your birthday is here!It’s tomorrow, in fact, and I’ve not sent a gift.But we send love and regards, so please don’t feel missed!

A Silly Birthday Limerick for Ants, My Brother

In sports, you make me a klutzand your politics, batshit nuts.But we love you still,and we always willCuz you’re family, no ifs, ands or buts.