A Poem About Good Drink and Old Age

It’s OK to become an old crotchLife is better, each year, by a notchOne reason, we feelWe’ve moved on from cheap swillAnd now we sip drams of good scotch

Autumn, Into Winter

The maple in front is bare of leaves.  It’s 36F outside, with the occasional snowfall to remind us of just how cold it is outside.  It’s perfect weather for homemade mac and cheese and a nice holiday ale. Can one go wrong with a recipe 

Haiku for Ethiopian Restaurant Experience

stomach contentedexotic berbere spicetoo much injera

Seattleites Ice Cream Fetish

Wondering what it is with Seattle-ites and their ice cream fetish? There seems to be be a line in front of every permanent or mobile ice cream shop calling their product “artisan” or “handmade”, with the obligatory flavors of fruits in season and salted something-or-other. 

No Weapons

No weapons. Still some sanity in our National Parks. For now, anyway.

Wood Food

The antique benches and not-quite-antique table were treated with Briwax while enjoying the ecstasy and heartbreak that is the 2010 World Cup.  Is there any greater spectacle than the World Cup?  Is there anything worse than polishing furniture?


…are such a beautiful thing.  Even observing those of perfect strangers in front of some transit terminal, they are nearly as good as my own.

Road Trip, Chile Rellenos

Road trip from ELP to Denver.  An early dinner at the Church Street Cafe, a 300 year old historical residence in Old Town Albuquerque.  No self respecting restaurant in New Mexico would serve bad chile, and in this sense the restaurant did not disappoint.  But 

Seeing Red in Riyadh

The people here are polite and friendly; the food is amazing.  I’m told that the finest dates in the world come from Saudi Arabia.  My own small sample would seem to confirm that.  But for a country that celebrates friendship and good food to such